March 19, 2013

ON-CAMPUS JOB - Student Administrative Assistant - Student Financial Services Dept.

Student Financial Services
Student Financial Services is a dedicated group of financial aid professionals whose mission is to provide personalized financial guidance to students and their families by advocating fiscal responsibility and informed decision making. Our goal is to assist students in achieving their educational pursuits so that they may earn a living while being able to follow their passion. 

Job Title: Student Administrative Assistant

Supervisor: Kristin Conzatti, Associate Director of Student Financial Services

Schedule: must be available to work at minimum M-Th from 5-8pm (12 hours per week); additional more flexible hours (up to 20 total per week) may be available

Hourly wage: current Washington State minimum wage $9.19/hour

The SFS student administrative assistant helps serve current Art Institute of Seattle students in support of the Art Institute of Seattle mission, as well as the SFS mission.  

Position responsibilities include:

● Evening front desk coverage (must be available to work the hours of 5-8 pm Monday-Thursday)
● Answering phones/triaging calls
● Assisting students that come to the desk
● Scheduling appointments
● Helping maintain file storage area
● Department specific clerical tasks as assigned
Position requirements include:
● Be work-study eligible
● Ability to work from 5-8pm every Monday through Thursday
● High level of confidentiality
● Customer service skills
● Comfort with answering phones and assisting students and staff
● Attention to detail
● Professional maturity

Educational benefits: Student gains leadership, mentoring, organizational and business management skills.

**If you are interested in applying for this position, please e-mail: Kristin Conzatti in the Student Financial Services office at  to learn if you are work study eligible.


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