March 19, 2013

(2) Job Opportunities - Pike Place Market - Merry Tails

1.    In the store - 20-30 hours- pay $10-11 hr.
       Responsibilities-  Sales, customer service, receiving merchandise, presentation, and point-of-sale system with barcodes
2.    Office -  4 hours a week (Thursday afternoon)- pay $10-11 hr.
       Responsibilities-  order entry on computer, filing, and organizing office area.  (Potentially, more hours, if help is needed receiving shipments at the store.)

Aspect of the (2) Positions:
·         Every thing/products are now bar code, computerized
·         Must be punctual – be commited to school and their job
·         No age restriction of any kind
·        Help with sales, checking in merchandise
·         Merchandise presentation – good people skills, presentation ..good with details, organized 
·         Some afternoons free and weekends

The ownership looks to develop long term employees-  likes to keep employees until they graduate and is willing to work with students schedules

Hrs per shift: 10am to 6pm so full day is cool (6 hrs) mornings are not as busy as afternoons

Must like and love animals -

Application Process: informal resume (not fully developed is OK)  also must fill out an application.

Resumes can be sent to: 

1501 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 623-4142

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