March 11, 2013

Graffiti Artist - Freelance Gig


Where: Seattle
Job Type: Graphic design installation. Specifically, we would like one word spray painted in a large-scale format on a wall of an interior home.
Job Title: Graffiti artist
Job location: Private residence in the Seattle area
Type of schedule: Candidates will need to be screened by interior designer and samples of work will need to be shown to client for their approval. 
Avg hours/shift: I estimate the installation will take a couple of hours for set-up (taping off other areas), design install and clean-up.
Salary range: Negotiable
Job description: Graffiti Artist. Spray paint one word on wall of interior home. Cursive, clean (no paint run-off)
Required skills: Competent graffiti artist. Ability to style per designer's creative direction.

Contact information:
Kathleen Glossa
Kathleen Glossa Interiors

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